Local SEO in 4 steps

Search is now getting more local. Research indicates that 86% users try to find local businesses on the Google search bar. Also, 95% mobile users access locally relevant information. Google now gives important to local searches. So, when you search for ‘restaurants’, Google will first show results for local restaurants and then move on to the other locations. Now, local listings appear before normal web pages in search results.Therefore, you can see that it’s very important to rank your site locally using local Dallas SEO. Here are the steps to do it.

Keyword research


Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to find out how many times a keyword is searched per month. Make sure Google shows local results. You should use keywords that are relevant to your business.

Set up Google Plus local listing


You should ask Google to verify your business by phone call or postcard. You must have physical address with a valid phone number. You should fill out the business details in full. After a few weeks, you will receive Google’s PIN post card which you can use to verify your listing.

Update page and website


Once you get that page set up, make sure you update it on your website. In your homepage title you should include city, state, keywords, etc. You must have contact us page on your site where you will have your full address.

Build your page authority


When users put a local search query, Google goes to their database and look for all the relevant sites and ranks them based on authority and relevancy. You need to get citation for your website, that is, online mention of your name, address and phone number. Google needs to make sure that the contact information you provided is correct. So, if hundreds of other sites show your contact information then it’s a very good indication that the information you provided is authentic. This is similar to backlinks in general SEO.

Using these steps you can do local SEO on your website. You must make sure that you continuously monitor your website performance so that you can improve your local SEO techniques if needed.