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Everything is bigger in Texas. The personalities, the trucks, the people, the pest and especially the pest. We here in the McKinney Pest Control industry we are dedicated to finding creative, eco-friendly solutions that are both effective and sustainable. We provide a variety of options to stop unwanted bugs from invading your home. As a leading provider of pest control in McKinney Tx, and the surrounding metroplex areas, we believe that your home should be comfortable, safe, and as green as possible. Many of our competitors use old fashioned, harsh pesticides and chemicals, which are bad for the environment. Luckily, we provides solutions so you don’t have to suffer through the inconvenience of bugs or harming the planet .

Effective pest control management is an ongoing process that takes commitment and expertise from your pest control operator. Our McKinney Pest Control Services, from our expert technicians are among the industries most experienced and their commitment to your safety and comfort are without equal. Our pest control services focus on people and pet friendly products which are effective against: spiders, cockroaches, ants, mites, bed bugs, beetles, silverfish, wasps, yellow jackets, rats, mice and more.
We offer a variety of pest control services to handle different types of pest infestations. Visit our Common Pests page for details on common household pests in Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, and Allen. The page also provides helpful tips on how to spot a pest infestation.
Although spiders, ants, flies, rodents, and roaches may be important parts of the ecosystems, it is not comforting to see them invading your home and yard. It can be scary and frustrating to find spider webs in your home, ants in your kitchen, or mice in your walls. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between living green and living pest-free. Here at Romex Pest & Termite Control, we believe that eco-friendly pest control services can be both safe and effective.
Our pest treatment products are made of plant-based products, which can repel or kill pests without posing a danger to your home and belongings.
Our products normally eliminate pests while leaving behind faint and non-toxic aromas. Unless the issue warrants a stronger product.
Our products are also safe for humans, meaning that you don’t have to move out of your home during the pest control process.
Many traditional synthetic pesticides are manufactured using harsh chemicals, which are toxic to pests. However, these same chemicals can be dangerous to humans and pets as well. In addition, these compounds can leak into waterways, be sprayed into the air, harm ecosystems, and damage the environment. We use eco-friendly plant based products to prevent such issues from taking place.


Regularly Inspect Your Pantry And Cupboards For Holes In Packaging Or Walls And Insect/Rodent Droppings
Remove All Trash And Recycling At Least Once A Week
Keep Trash And Recycling Collection Areas Clean And Dry
Store All Paper Products Including Boxes And Bags In A Dry Area, At Least Six Inches Off The Floor And Away From The Wall



We Currently Offer the Following Services for the McKinney Area:

  • Pest Control Services
    Termite Inspections
    Termite Treatments
    Mosquito Control
    Mosquito Misting System
    Rodent Control
    Rodent Removal


How To Get Rid Of Rats ! For Good And Keep them Gone

We published a great article on one of our clients site we thought we would share with you give the time of year, and all the rodent activity going on in Dallas and the rest of the united states. Each Year millions of homes get rat infestations and have no idea how to proceed we have put together the definitive guide on the best way to get rid of rats. Or if you would like to consult a professional you can click on the map below or head on over to there website and give them a call and get a professional opinion.

Local SEO in 4 steps

Search is now getting more local. Research indicates that 86% users try to find local businesses on the Google search bar. Also, 95% mobile users access locally relevant information. Google now gives important to local searches. So, when you search for ‘restaurants’, Google will first show results for local restaurants and then move on to the other locations. Now, local listings appear before normal web pages in search results.Therefore, you can see that it’s very important to rank your site locally using local Dallas SEO. Here are the steps to do it.

Keyword research


Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to find out how many times a keyword is searched per month. Make sure Google shows local results. You should use keywords that are relevant to your business.

Set up Google Plus local listing


You should ask Google to verify your business by phone call or postcard. You must have physical address with a valid phone number. You should fill out the business details in full. After a few weeks, you will receive Google’s PIN post card which you can use to verify your listing.

Update page and website


Once you get that page set up, make sure you update it on your website. In your homepage title you should include city, state, keywords, etc. You must have contact us page on your site where you will have your full address.

Build your page authority


When users put a local search query, Google goes to their database and look for all the relevant sites and ranks them based on authority and relevancy. You need to get citation for your website, that is, online mention of your name, address and phone number. Google needs to make sure that the contact information you provided is correct. So, if hundreds of other sites show your contact information then it’s a very good indication that the information you provided is authentic. This is similar to backlinks in general SEO.

Using these steps you can do local SEO on your website. You must make sure that you continuously monitor your website performance so that you can improve your local SEO techniques if needed.

4 things to keep in mind before hiring an SEO firm

You think of hiring an SEO expert or firm for your company when you find out that you cannot do the work yourself or you want to see some change in your company. Whatever the reason is, when you decide to hire an SEO firm, you need to make sure that you hire a quality SEO agency. Here are some of the things you need to remember when hiring an SEO firm.

Ask for list of current and past clients

A good SEO firm will be willing to share all information with you. You should ask for contact numbers of their past and present clients. Then take your time and contact some of these clients to find out how effective they are at their job, whether they were successful in completing the client’s job, how long did they take to complete the job, etc.

Method used to improve search engine rankings

The SEO firm should be able to discuss the methods in detail. They should explain the strategies they would use to rank your page higher in the search engine pages. They should also give you an estimation regarding how long they will take to complete the task. You should make sure that the firm will first analyze your website thoroughly before applying any SEO techniques to it. This will let the firm know what’s wrong with your website, so they can use the technique that is most effective for your site.

Measuring the success of the SEO campaign

To measure the success of your SEO campaign, you must monitor how much traffic is being sent to your website and where it is coming from. The SEO firm must be experienced in using Google Analytics to track improvements in your site’s rankings. These include monitoring the kinds of keywords that users use to find your site, the number of links from other websites to your website, etc. You should make sure that the firm shares these information with you.

Payment terms

You need to know their fees before they start your work. Else, you might be charged with an unexpected amount of fee. Get an exact quote for your project from the firm, explaining in detail the price distributions for each type of service.

Considering these factors before hiring an SEO firm will increase the chance of hiring a quality service provider. So, you should take your time and consider all the options before hiring an SEO firm for your company.

3 most important SEO factors to consider

The search engines are always looking forward to provide the best possible results for its users. The search engines take a lot of factors into consideration when ranking a website. Here are the three most important factors to consider.


When writing your content, you must make sure that your content is fresh, unique and engaging. You must pay special attention to the titles, keywords, and quality of your writing. You should have new content on a regular basis. You can have blog besides your website so that you can constantly update your information. Your content should be more than 500 words long, else visitors will be less likely to read it.


A good link building strategy is key to SEO success. Your content must link to pages with good page ranks. These links are called authoritative links. You should create internal links as well. The anchor keyword should be relevant to the link you provide. The more good links you create, the better the chance of your website to be ranked higher. But if you link your content to spammy pages, it will lower your page rank and Google may even penalize you for such act.

User experience

User experience highly impacts the search engine results. Make your website is easy to read and navigate. You must create an engaging user experience so that the user perceives your website positively. Use should try to reduce the bounce rate and make the user’s journey exciting.

These three factors have a major impact on the ranking of your website by search engines. So, you should focus on incorporating and making better use of these factors on your website.