3 most important SEO factors to consider

The search engines are always looking forward to provide the best possible results for its users. The search engines take a lot of factors into consideration when ranking a website. Here are the three most important factors to consider.


When writing your content, you must make sure that your content is fresh, unique and engaging. You must pay special attention to the titles, keywords, and quality of your writing. You should have new content on a regular basis. You can have blog besides your website so that you can constantly update your information. Your content should be more than 500 words long, else visitors will be less likely to read it.


A good link building strategy is key to SEO success. Your content must link to pages with good page ranks. These links are called authoritative links. You should create internal links as well. The anchor keyword should be relevant to the link you provide. The more good links you create, the better the chance of your website to be ranked higher. But if you link your content to spammy pages, it will lower your page rank and Google may even penalize you for such act.

User experience

User experience highly impacts the search engine results. Make your website is easy to read and navigate. You must create an engaging user experience so that the user perceives your website positively. Use should try to reduce the bounce rate and make the user’s journey exciting.

These three factors have a major impact on the ranking of your website by search engines. So, you should focus on incorporating and making better use of these factors on your website.