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We published a great article on one of our clients site we thought we would share with you give the time of year, and all the rodent activity going on in Dallas and the rest of the united states. Each Year millions of homes get rat infestations and have no idea how to proceed we have put together the definitive guide on the best way to get rid of rats. Or if you would like to consult a professional you can click on the map below or head on over to there website and give them a call and get a professional opinion.

bankruptcy lawyer dallas

Get Immediate Relief and Long Term Financial Recovery

If you are reading this and you are struggling with debt, and looking for answers to your problems. Get immediate debt relief by speaking with an attorney at our firm. You can discharge debt, stop creditor harassment and get started on the path to freedom from all of your financial worries. Speak with a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer at our law firm about your options.
Our law firm is a trusted and tested bankruptcy law firm in Dallas, serving residents of the Dallas area for close to 30 years. or at their Google My business page Bankruptcy Lawyer Dallas

Richard Weaver & Associates

Meet Richard Weaver & Associates Our Newest Clients . . .

The team at Richard Weaver & Associates, which is quite appropriately named for founding Dallas bankruptcy lawyer Richard weaver, makes mention that they do the kind of law that they do not wish on anyone. While bankruptcy is not something that a normal person would aspires to, it is much more common than most people think.

Dallas bankruptcy lawyer

A Fresh Start: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be applied in a way that allows a person a fresh start, it becomes a springboard that enables them to move forward in a way that helps them once more contribute in a meaningful way to society. When someone is looking for this kind of a fresh start, they typically are aiming for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Saving Home from Foreclosure: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

But bankruptcy is not only used as a fresh start, but also to help some people reorganize their debts and catch up past-due portions on secured debts like mortgages and auto loans. This type of bankruptcy falls into the category of chapter 13 bankruptcies. This kind of financial protection can be powerful and ideal for situations where there has been a temporary drop in income which prevented a home owner from paying their mortgage for a time. Pete Maughan, client services director at Richard Weaver & Associates has seen home owners come through the doors of the law firm having a variety of backgrounds and problems, but the goal is nearly always the same: to save your home.

Trusted Reputation: Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

And this is the precise reason that many people across the DFW Metroplex have come to know and trust the law firm that has been protecting homeowners from foreclosure for more than 30 years. Over the years, homeowners facing foreclosure have learned that they have a friend and trusted bankruptcy attorney who will help them keep their home. Many of these families had become desperate to find a way to stay in their home in a stable way that didn’t involve wondering whether they were going to be locked out of their home for their inability to come up with a huge sum of money to bring the home current. Because Richard Weaver & Associates has literally helped thousands of homeowners stop foreclosure, the gratitude runs deep for their services and is evidence in the many reviews across the internet describing tears of joy and peace which followed tears of desperation. When a law firm has earned this kind of trust and respect from its clients, it is worth noting.

Richard Weaver & Associates Helps Clients in Diverse Circumstances

If you are like most Americans, and you give it some thought, you might come to the conclusion that you often live paycheck to paycheck. A recent study released by the AP declared the alarming results of a nationwide poll exposing the precarious fact that 2/3 of Americans could not even handle a $1,000 emergency should it arise. For this reason it is important to realize that it takes more than bankruptcy to help debtors recover from serious financial problems, but bankruptcy can certainly be a powerful option.

Consider these common issues that have specific remedies offered in the bankruptcy laws:

  • Facing a lawsuit? Bankruptcy could immediately stop this.
  • Facing foreclosure? Ch 13 bankruptcy helps catch up your payments.
  • Being harassed by collectors? Bankruptcy stops the phone calls!
  • Facing repossession of your vehicle? Bankruptcy can stop repossession.
  • Dealing with bad credit? Bankruptcy could wipe slate and allow you to rebuild.
  • Being threatened by the IRS? Bankruptcy could erase IRS debt or provide a repayment plan.These are some of the reasons that drove Richard Weaver into the business of helping good folks in North Texas to receive the protection that comes from bankruptcy in many cases. It was an interesting twist of events that brought him into the field of consumer bankruptcy due to the request from a woman to help her in filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. At the time, Weaver had been working for the other side—working for creditors in their attempts to collect on debtors. Fresh out of law school and still exploring various types of law, he became quickly interested in the world of consumer bankruptcy law due to the fulfilling nature of the type of work involved.

While all collection companies and creditors are not evil just by nature, the prospect of making a living off of harassing people for money can be an exhausting thought. On the other hand, the prospect of being able to reach out and take someone’s hand and guide them onto a path that could lead them into a world that is free of debt and the overwhelming stress that comes with it is amazing.

The Organic SEO Growth of Richard Weaver & Associates

Because of the relationship between Richard Weaver and his clients, there tends to be bonds that are formed that last for years and even decades. People approach Mr. Weaver in the community on a regular basis and remark how their lives were changed for the better when they got onto a course that freed them from debt through legal protection. Because of his many years of service to the legal community, to his clients, and to those who came to him for guidance, his name has become quite well-known in the world of debt relief and bankruptcy. And because he and his team at the bankruptcy law office have always sought to treat clients like family, the amount of searches performed in Google that result in a match for his website ranking in Google have increased over the years as branded search grew and became a part of the equation.

Aligning with Like-minded Professionals that Care About People

Along the way of their quest to take good care of their clients and treat them like family, it becomes necessary to enlist the help of other groups, organizations, and companies who share their desire to help people. “Finding the companies who are willing to go the extra mile and help us help more people suffering with the burdens of debt has become very important at our law firm,” said bankruptcy client services director Pete Maughan. “This is the reason we choose to work with companies like Blue Curve SEO, a Dallas company specializing in helping. They understand our vision and our mission to help people get out of debt.” This also means that Richard Weaver & Associates is very particular about turning many clients down and encouraging them to explore non-bankruptcy options instead of jumping into a decision that requires careful thought and consideration.

Request Information or a Copy of Richard Weaver’s Book

If you or a friend or family member are struggling under the burdens of debt, call the friendly and compassionate team at Richard Weaver & Associates to request a free copy of the attorney’s book on getting out of debt. You may also request a free, confidential consultation to review your options and discuss how bankruptcy or other solutions could begin your path to financial freedom. Remember, when you call the Dallas TX bankruptcy attorneys with offices all over Dallas, you will be invited into the office for a consultation—NOT a sales pitch. “Each person who comes through the doorway of our offices is family,” says Maughan, “and while we may not be family to you yet, you’re family to us, and that is reason enough for us to make sure that we offer you what we feel is the best option for you and not just something that will enrich us at your expense.”

If coming into the office or discussing the situation in greater detail is not something that you are interested or willing to pursue at this time, you can request your free copy of the attorney’s book so that you can educate yourself about the pro’s and con’s of bankruptcy and learn more about whether your situation matches a handful of common scenarios that warrant a closer look at getting out of debt through bankruptcy.

On the other hand, if you have already discussed your alternative to bankruptcy, have tried for months, even years to get out of debt, or are facing extremely urgent and serious consequences like foreclosure on your home, you are urged to skip the waiting and call the team at Dallas bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver’s offices to schedule a consultation that can take place close to your home in one of their multiple Dallas and surrounding DFW Metroplex locations. They also offer free bankruptcy consultations during evening hours and on weekends to provide the flexibility to keep you working during your regular hours of employment. Maughan offers further words of invitation to clients looking to set an appointment that “the last thing we want happening for our clients is for them to miss a day of work and subsequently lose their source of income while money is already so tight.” That is why you will find the office of Richard Weaver working so hard to make a consultation and the subsequent process of obtaining protection under bankruptcy as painless and convenient as possible. “The goal is relief,” says Richard Weaver, “and when we see our clients smiling at us after they are officially wiped clear of debt…you might just say that this is the kind of thing that keeps us going and keeps us feeling fulfilled and grateful to be a part of the bankruptcy law firm community.”

Local SEO in 4 steps

Search is now getting more local. Research indicates that 86% users try to find local businesses on the Google search bar. Also, 95% mobile users access locally relevant information. Google now gives important to local searches. So, when you search for ‘restaurants’, Google will first show results for local restaurants and then move on to the other locations. Now, local listings appear before normal web pages in search results.Therefore, you can see that it’s very important to rank your site locally using local SEO. Here are the steps to do it.

Keyword research


Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to find out how many times a keyword is searched per month. Make sure Google shows local results. You should use keywords that are relevant to your business.

Set up Google Plus local listing


You should ask Google to verify your business by phone call or postcard. You must have physical address with a valid phone number. You should fill out the business details in full. After a few weeks, you will receive Google’s PIN post card which you can use to verify your listing.

Update page and website


Once you get that page set up, make sure you update it on your website. In your homepage title you should include city, state, keywords, etc. You must have contact us page on your site where you will have your full address.

Build your page authority


When users put a local search query, Google goes to their database and look for all the relevant sites and ranks them based on authority and relevancy. You need to get citation for your website, that is, online mention of your name, address and phone number. Google needs to make sure that the contact information you provided is correct. So, if hundreds of other sites show your contact information then it’s a very good indication that the information you provided is authentic. This is similar to backlinks in general SEO.

Using these steps you can do local SEO on your website. You must make sure that you continuously monitor your website performance so that you can improve your local SEO techniques if needed.

4 things to keep in mind before hiring an SEO firm

You think of hiring an SEO expert or firm for your company when you find out that you cannot do the work yourself or you want to see some change in your company. Whatever the reason is, when you decide to hire an SEO firm, you need to make sure that you hire a quality SEO agency. Here are some of the things you need to remember when hiring an SEO firm.

Ask for list of current and past clients

A good SEO firm will be willing to share all information with you. You should ask for contact numbers of their past and present clients. Then take your time and contact some of these clients to find out how effective they are at their job, whether they were successful in completing the client’s job, how long did they take to complete the job, etc.

Method used to improve search engine rankings

The SEO firm should be able to discuss the methods in detail. They should explain the strategies they would use to rank your page higher in the search engine pages. They should also give you an estimation regarding how long they will take to complete the task. You should make sure that the firm will first analyze your website thoroughly before applying any SEO techniques to it. This will let the firm know what’s wrong with your website, so they can use the technique that is most effective for your site.

Measuring the success of the SEO campaign

To measure the success of your SEO campaign, you must monitor how much traffic is being sent to your website and where it is coming from. The SEO firm must be experienced in using Google Analytics to track improvements in your site’s rankings. These include monitoring the kinds of keywords that users use to find your site, the number of links from other websites to your website, etc. You should make sure that the firm shares these information with you.

Payment terms

You need to know their fees before they start your work. Else, you might be charged with an unexpected amount of fee. Get an exact quote for your project from the firm, explaining in detail the price distributions for each type of service.

Considering these factors before hiring an SEO firm will increase the chance of hiring a quality service provider. So, you should take your time and consider all the options before hiring an SEO firm for your company.

3 most important SEO factors to consider

The search engines are always looking forward to provide the best possible results for its users. The search engines take a lot of factors into consideration when ranking a website. Here are the three most important factors to consider.


When writing your content, you must make sure that your content is fresh, unique and engaging. You must pay special attention to the titles, keywords, and quality of your writing. You should have new content on a regular basis. You can have blog besides your website so that you can constantly update your information. Your content should be more than 500 words long, else visitors will be less likely to read it.


A good link building strategy is key to SEO success. Your content must link to pages with good page ranks. These links are called authoritative links. You should create internal links as well. The anchor keyword should be relevant to the link you provide. The more good links you create, the better the chance of your website to be ranked higher. But if you link your content to spammy pages, it will lower your page rank and Google may even penalize you for such act.

User experience

User experience highly impacts the search engine results. Make your website is easy to read and navigate. You must create an engaging user experience so that the user perceives your website positively. Use should try to reduce the bounce rate and make the user’s journey exciting.

These three factors have a major impact on the ranking of your website by search engines. So, you should focus on incorporating and making better use of these factors on your website.